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Today, many people want to learn meditation. And there is a simple reason for that.

Because meditation is the way to connect you with who you REALLY are.

So that makes meditation the most important skill to learn ever.



It is a fact that today more and more people are “waking up”.

But what does this waking up actually mean? And what are we waking up to?

To give a short answer, we are waking up to the knowledge that we actually live in a “phantasy” world.

We live in a “phantasy” world that we are creating ourselves based on our “own” thoughts and our feelings. We really are that powerful!

And because we are creating this world, we can also change it. The power to do so is within us as well!

So, these days, many of us are starting to feel that there is another, more real, more beautiful life within us. And it wants to be lived.

Now, as you also will have noticed, for many people this current world of ours is becoming more and more challenging to live in.

There are a lot many more rules and regulations than a few years ago, and these rules and regulations are still increasing.

And as many of us have also noticed, many of these rules and regulations make only very little sense to the people of this world and actually do have the result that our free and creative spirit becomes more and more confused and restricted.

The reason for this is that the true spirit within us is purposefully held in confusion so that a small number of individuals can create a “phantasy” reality for us.

Now, and as you will learn in meditation, YOU AND I ACTUALLY ARE CREATIVE SPIRIT. Beautiful, wonderful, loving and free!

As a result of these confusing times, it has become a fact that more and more people have started to really question “What is the real meaning of life”?, “How can I live a fulfilled life?”and most importantly: “Is love real?”

And these questions are especially true and meaningful for the younger generation.


So why can’t we see clearly?

What is stopping us?. And even more importantly: “How can we wake up?”

There are actual reasons for why we can’t see too clearly. Mainly however, it is a “hypnotic effect” that we have learned and that we now have to unlearn. The great thing is that we actually can wake up! It is just a matter of you and I learning how to do it.

Here are some of the main ways that the “hypnosis” has been put into place:

  • As kids, we are pushed through a school system that does not really give us insights into what life (and love) is all about. Really all it does is give us just enough information so that we can live our lives in service to a very small group of individuals.
  • Big questions, like “What is life really all about?”, “Why can I remember only so very, very little of who I really am?”, and “How can I live love?” mostly ago unanswered.
  • Instead, we are educated to live a life that is in many ways orientated to making money first. We are told that money gives us security and we are surprised when it does not actually do that. So by focusing our energies primarily on making money, instead of love, life and joy, we miss out a lot of why we are really here (which is to live love).

But somewhere deep inside of us we do know that what we are learning in schools and in society are just the current thinking- and behavior patterns. But as they are given to us over and over and over again, we eventually give in, we surrender, and start living what we have learned. This process is called PROGRAMMING.

By the time we are adults this programming goes very, very deep and there are many layers to it. But although it is sometimes not easy to see the layers, it is nevertheless possible to wake up to see them! And when you start seeing your own thinking- and behavior patterns, you can then change them and and live your true life.

And it is precisely at this point that meditation becomes very, very important.

Because every time you meditate, you will become a bit more real.

Every time you meditate, you will become faster in realizing what is really going on inside of you and outside of you. And the more you do that, the more you discover what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.

You become clearer, stronger, more energized, healthier and more loving.



Firstly, there are many meditation techniques available and we will utilize a few of them in our training.

The most important meditation however, will connect you straight with WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

This is the meditation that we are going to learn in this first weekend.

Here are some of the aspects that we will be going into:

  • You will learn how to live more and more in present time
  • You will learn how to feel your physical body much better
  • You will learn about emotions and thinking and what effects they have on you
  • You will learn how to start living more and more from your intuition and spirit
  • You will learn how to live much more from your own love
  • You will realize that you can chose your work based on what you really love to do every day
  • You will start to communicate with other people from what is really going on inside of you.

As you can see, these 7 honest points go deep.

Meditating on these points alone can cause you to make powerful changes toward a much more fulfilled life.

And once this process starts happening, we can then all create a life where we truly enjoy living with each other and in which our children can fully thrive.



We have two meditation weekends this year:

Meditation weekend 1:

  • May: 25.-26.5.2024

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Meditation weekend 2:

  • August: 24.-25.8.2024

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