Meditation format has changed


The new blogging season is about to begin…

Let’s start it with an announcement.

There will be no more Friday evening meditations in Lauttasaari.

Earlier in May this year (2018) that I realized that our meditation evenings in Lauttasaari had come to an end.

Marjo and I had been holding these evenings for exactly ten years at a low entry fee, but now (as it is with everything in life) the time has come to change the format.

So instead of Friday evenings….

We will hold our meditation every WEDNESDAY EVENING from six o’clock to 18.45 EET (or GMT +2)


And the good news is that everybody who is interested can join in for free, no payment involved.

These meditations are to create coherence; a harmonic field of people and energies that is so powerful that it will transform life on earth as we know it.

As far as I can see, if I want to live in world that is governed by the laws of love, truth, life, honor, beauty and gratefulness, I need to create it.That is what these meditations are designed to do.


You do not have to come to us physically, nor we to you.

If you know a little bit about quantum physics and/or quantum fields, you might have heard that for some incredible mysterious reason, time and space are actually an illusion. On the level of the quantum world, there is aspect called quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement basically means that energies that vibrate at the same frequency will resonate wherever (and even whenever) they are in space and time.

It means that everything in the entire cosmos is connected right now – no separation, no time delay.

Therefore, you can think of this meditation as a spiritual conference call, only instead of using some app we will be accessing the quantum field of co-creative consciousness – in short “the field” – where we are all connected.

In case that you do not know of the effects of mass meditation, you can get some idea of the “field effect” or “maharishi effect” by reading this article.

So please feel free to participate every wednesday evening between 18 – 18.45. Just sit down wherever you are and join in.



When meditating with us, we ask you to enter a state of stillness, love, truth, joy, consciousness and unity.

In case you don’t know how to do that or you are new to meditation, here is a short explanation.


We define stillness as the state behind and inbetween everything that we know as existence. You can think of stillness as the space between all the stars and planets in the universe. Stillness is also the space inbetween atoms and electrons. In the quantum world it is known that every atom is 99,999% “empty” space. This means that you and I are 99,999% empty space. Empty space is stillness, because there is nothing in it. Stillness is an almost mythical state of “nothing that contains everything”. Stillness is the gap between your thoughts. It is also that part of you that is always there and never changes.

You cannot think about stillness, because – you might have guessed- thinking is not stillness, it is still something.

So if you cannot think about stillness, how do become stiller? You become stiller by being more still, by thinking less, by beind in the gap between your thoughts.

Everybody has experienced this stillness from time to time and as stillness is where you where born out of, it is very familiar and actually feel like coming home.

Really, stillness is an incredible form of untapped potential.


The way I see things, stillness is the mythical potential of life. If stillness is pure potential, love is it’s quality in existence. In fact, to me, love is the cause of everything in this existence. Love not only gives birth to a new child,  love gives birth to the whole of this amazing universe.

Wherever you feel or have felt love – that is the state of love. You know the warmth, you know the beauty, you know the power of it.

You might know it as love for another person, for an animal, flowers, nature, the stars or life itself. Love is the state of being open, of willing to love, of being connected. Realizing and living love is the purpose of this existence.

Once love is fully realized it is the end of karma, your unfinished business of many, many lifetimes.


Truth simply is that what is. Truth is the fact of life. The way things really are. There is always only one fact of life – but there will be many interpretations of this fact.

The difficulty is to find out what the fact of the situation is. Because these days, much of what you hear or read is more or less an interpretation of the fact and often an outright lie.

But once you start getting a feeling for the truth, it becomes a very powerful ally to transform you into who you really are.

You propably have heard the phrase “the truth will set you free” at some stage in your life.

That is exactly what the truth does.  Truth, along with love, will definitely set you free.


Joy is your natural state of being. You where born with it and you very much know this state from when you were a small child. Remember how the whole world was a wonder to explore?

In time, ss you grow up and get overwhelmed and conditioned with the ideas, belief systems and notions of our societies, joy becomes less frequent and sometimes seems to be vanishing for good. Joy is then replaced by excitement, a temporary high that will only last for short while.

However buried deep down, the permanent state of joy is in your life right now.

You breathe! You live! You can smile! You can sing! You can love!

It is amazing how many things will bring you true joy. Connect to nature and people from the state of joy and watch what happens.

True joy is your original state of being. Always ready to give, to smile, to share.


Consciousness is the field of energy that is creation itself. Some people call it god, others call it the quantum field of information.

If stillness is the unlimited potential of everything, consciousness is the information within this unlimited field. Information is a non-material energetic wave-like process that will manifest further as intelligence and being.

Consciousness is in a constant state of growth. Consciousness continuously grows into more and more love and more and more coherence. More and more love and coherence will automatically produce more and more creativity, intelligence, wisdom, gratefulness, joy, responsibilty and honor. Meditation is the key  to this process.



And in case you are still wondering what to do, or are very new to meditation, here is a basic instruction on what you can do:

  • Sit down somewhere so that you’re body is upright. Lying down is usually not so good, because there is a tendency to go to sleep.
  • Become aware of your breath. Do not influence your breath, just observe what naturally happens when you are breathing.
  • At any time, when you notice that you are “spacing out”, meaning you start thinking, pull your attention back to where you lost your focus.
  • Put your focus on your whole body and notice the pull of gravity down. Gravity downward will connect you to the earth and you can notice how your muscles relax , especially the small muscles than you are normally not aware of.
  • Once you notice your breathing and gravity downward, next focus on a different type of gravity, this time upward. There is a movement in the body that grows like a tree upward. Feel your body grow.
  • Next you go through your outer senses. These are, touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. Go through each sense for a few seconds, until you have covered all of them.
  • At any time, when you notice you are spacing out, come back to breath, gravity, growing upward and the five senses. This will keep you in the moment and awake.
  • Next you focus on what is going on in your mind. There are many thoughts and sometimes emotions. Just look at them and notice that there are always two aspects to thinking. One is the thought/emotion/fantasy itself, the other is the observer, the one inside you that is noticing that you are thinking.
  • After a while, notice that there are little gaps between your thoughts. As much as you are able, put your focus onto those gaps. These gaps eventually will grow into longer gaps. Those gaps are stillness, you still are, but without thought.

That is it for now. If you practice only this, you will gradually notice that you are thinking less and that you become more connected to your body.

Please note that you do not need to think to do this. Because you are busy observing yourself, you will find yourself thinking less. Observation and thinking are two very different processes.



And lastly, why did we change the format?

There are three main reasons.

Firstly, the old format of meeting twice a month in Helsinki did not give me the number of people that I would like to reach.

Secondly, as far as this external three dimensional world is concerned, I am becoming increasingly aware of the power of what is called co-creative consciousness.

Co-creative consciousness is an amazing energetic phenomenon. Co-creative consciousness means that you and I can change things by putting our energies together.

People together can change anything, because we are all connected within a vast field of conscious creative power. And we can do this by simply tuning our brains into the same frequency, the same harmonic, the same song.


Well, for me this would a world where men, women, children, animals and nature can evolve into a much higher state of consciousness and create a world of openness, friendliness and human-friendly technology. This would be a world where the basic cosmic law is the law of love. If human beings start understanding and living according to the law of love, there will be no more negativity, no more power games, no more greed, no more inequality. Negativity, power games, greed, inequality or any other negative expression of life that we are currently living in will simply be impossible when living under the law of love.


And, for now, the best way I know how to do that is by creating a field of coherency by meditating together.

I used to think (and hope) for many years that there is a way via politics and maybe religion. Politics should organize peoples lives so that everybody can live in harmony and relaize this amazing existence. Religion should open the way to a free communication with the most high.

Today, however, we realize that politicians are increasingly controlled and corrupted by those that wield money and power and that this has been done so for thousands of years.

And religion? Again, for thousands of years, religion was the number one tool to control the spirit of the people in many different ways. Today, most religions are being dismanteled and shown for what they really are: Tools to control the free spirit of man.

Politics and religion have been tried for millennia and it has brought us to the verge of a planetary economic and religious breakdown. It is high time to do something more productive and effective.

So the only way forward I can see is by creating a coherent field of love and unity.

in case you do not know, coherency occurs when two or more energy sources (such as a musical instruments for example) start vibrating at the same frequency. The result is beautiful music.

Meditating together has been shown to have a similar coherency effect. There are many studies where group meditation has been shown for example to reduce crime.

If it can reduce crime, it can also be used to create love, truth and clarity.

And it can be done wherever you are by connecting to the field.

As any energy healer will tell you, there are no limitations in time and space. In “quantum space” we can all connect instantaneously and powerfully. It truly is a wondrous thing.

Third, and this is my own perception, I am aware that there is nothing “out there”.

As odd as it sounds, what you are seeing in front of you eyes as the formed 3D universe, is a holographic type of projection. An illusion, if you will. The question is of course “whose illusion is it”?

The obvious answer is, it is my illusion. But who am I?

I am the “I” that is living in every single creature. The same “I” that is in the cat that just tried to crawl through my window to get to my food.

In truth, that “I” is primary. Billions of people and only one “I”. Isn’t that amazing?

One “I”, expressed in billions of beings in space and time!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to explore this amazing, mysterious “I”, that is in everyone, rather than spending endless lifetimes in exploring the mysteries of the 3D universe?

When it is obvious that for every scientific observation, the “I” in the scientist has to be there first?

Well, going down further the rabbit hole of “I”, it becomes obvious at some stage that everything is inside of me!

Light enters my eyes, conveying the mysteries of the cosmos to my brain. Where do I see it all? In me!!

So, if everything is inside of me, then really all I need to do is take responsibility for “I” – or to say it simply, to take responsibility for myself – for in some strange way, “I” create everything there is.


Wonder of wonders! You are all in within me!

Ergo, by accessing truth, love, joy, gratitude, beauty, unity, honesty and all the other inner senses within me, it will instantaneously spread into all of you. Simple and powerful, isn’t it?

To me this is my gift back to life for what I have received.

So, feel free to join in as long as you are open to love and truth.

Every Wednesday at 18 – 18.45

In truth and love