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Getting past the Covid story…

Part 1:

For the past two years or so, ever since the ‘corona’ hit the news, there were many times that I sat down to write my blog. Everytime I did that a whole new bunch of information came across my screen which caused me to stop what I was writing, sometimes in the middle of a sentence.

Now, however, it appears that the time is right, enough information has been downloaded and it has become time to move on.

In this blog now I will write down many of the things that I found regarding ‘COVID’.

A lot has happened over the past two years. First there was the effort to understand what ‘COVID’ is all about, where it came from and what it meant. From there on it kind of got a little crazy and many-layered as more and more information came to light. All up I realized thatward a huge large-scale attempt of deception is meant to get control over the people of this planet. In other words, as far as I am concerned, we are being lied to on a big scale.

This deception, however, guided me to research and study a great number of researchers and doctors that had the guts to oppose the official narrative and published their research.

Insight after insight happened, some of which were so outrageous that it took a steep learning curve to open up to information that I would have dismissed as more or less lunatic a few years ago.

However, as everything I learned was very well researched and contained verifiable information, I had no other choice than to consider the possibility that there is a small group of people, incredibly rich, that are actively planning to downsize the population of this planet to a more manageable and controllable number. Some of these individuals are acting in broad daylight while others are snuggly hiding away from the public eye.

All of what I learned at first glance was so outrageous that it caused a huge shift in my understanding of what really goes on this planet while I am occupying a physical body.

I trust that in future writings I can go further into the different aspects of this understanding as it really went right across the whole scale of my thinking and experience.

But for now, however, I felt very much like I was thrown into a large pool of water and needing to learn how to swim in order to avoid drowning.

Several things happened.

One of these was that my wife Marjo and I decided to stop educating yoga teachers. That is a work we created over the past 12 years and it has served us well. Now however, something did not anymore resonate and it became clear that we are to create something new that is much, much more close to the source of life and therefore feels much, much more real. The best way to describe it in a few words is that we decided to create a ‘mystery school’. Currently we are busy looking at the best way to do that.

Another aspect that came with the medical aspects of the developing ‘COVID’ narrative, was that I had to redefine my profession. I have trained and worked as a naturopathic doctor for many years but I learned too many things about the current practice of medicine that were no longer adding up.

For example, it became clearer to me that ever, that true health and well-being of the physical body can only happen when
all parts of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence are in harmony and when there is alignment with true knowledge, spirit and love of life.

In had been my experience already earlier that whenever this alignment happened, it brought with it huge energy shifts, followed by an expansion of consciousness (I define consciousness here as a quality we all have and it means to me a knowing of the truth and a real understanding of our existence as life on earth).

One aspect of this understanding is that in order to be a fully developed human being, all of the billions of cells that create our bodies have to be aligned with an energy field that consists of universal truth and love.

This means that unless every aspect of my being is aligned with (and lives) love and truth, there will always be some aspects of reality that will appear out of harmony.

I say ‘appear out of harmony’, because in truth, even this state of ‘becoming something’ is just another aspect of this amazing life.

However, when being in this ‘out of harmony’ state there will always be distortions of perception that will create a distorted reality.

It is important to understand that the outcome of realizing that we perceive a *distorted reality’ is that it creates a strong desire know the truth. This desire will then create an energy within us that can eventually know the truth or in other words ‘cut through the crap’.

In order to know the truth (and cut through the crap) it is necessary to live love and in some way go ‘hunting for the truth’.

The closer I get to the truth the more there is a state known as ‘enlightenment’ or maybe better said a knowledge of our ‘true nature’ and who we really are.

And the more our true nature is lived, the more layers of this reality will be unveiled.

All this is easily expressed in an ancient Roman saying that states that ‘in a healthy body lives a healthy mind’.

Part 2:

So what is a healthy body?

I would define a healthy body as a body that is in perfect harmony with a natural, cosmic life. This is a state that is achieved when living love and by acquiring (and living) true knowledge. In other words, it is a state where I know that all aspects of my life are in harmony.

So, the question then is: How do I become healthy in body, mind and spirit?

Here is the way I approach this question:

Without needing to go into too much details, I first look at how we (as humans) lower our consciousness and thereby the quality of our life.

We currently ..

1. degrade and alter our natural food supplies in an unnatural way.
2. pollute our planet in so many different ways that it difficult to keep track. The two most important aspects however would be:

a) changing the electromagnetic frequency of our environment
b) dumping of many and various toxins into our bodies and our external environment

3. are being told lies and half truths that make it very difficult for an individual to realize the full truth of life. We are being kept so busy that we often simply lack the time or energy. But to me, the biggest example of a lie is that we are told that we are the body (no, we only live in a body for a short time, like leaves are on trees only for the summer)

Once I have honestly looked at this subject from this angle, it is then possible to define the first steps towards a more healthy and enlightened life.

This then will need to include:

1. Eating healthy and energy giving foods that support the body in such a way that perfect health can be created.
2. Reversing pollution. This includes the inner pollution of the body, the outer pollution of the atmosphere and also mental/spiritual pollution of the mind.
3. Making education available that makes it possible for everybody who understands this to raise her/his consciousness to such a degree that truth and love can be understood, realized and lived.

Regarding point 3, here are some questions that I always ask when coming across new information and before I act:

1. Is what I have just learned the truth or is it possible that am I being fooled?
2. How does what I have just learned feel?
3. What do I need to do to get more information so I have more clarity?
4. Does what I do and say, what I feel and what I think, serve and create more love?

Asking these question on a continuous basis has always helped me to get much more clarity.

Part 3:

Now I like to look a bit closer at the ‘COVID’ scenario.

At first glance (when we do not look too close), the idea we are being led to believe by the media is that somewhere around the turn of 2019 – 2020 a new disease hit the planet. We were told that there is a new virus coming out of Wuhan, China, that will surely cause very serious problems and many deaths unless we all get vaccinated repeatedly (once the vaccination became available).

The idea of repeated vaccinations alone was a new concept. That fact should have woken up most doctors and most people, because classically, vaccinations are supposed to infer immunity after one shot (which is clearly not the case with ‘COVID’). Turns out that many doctors don’t look too close.

So, when I started to research this in the beginning of 2020, it became clear that nothing about this so-called ‘virus’ was actually new.

The new ‘COVID 19’ virus appears to have been the result of what is called a ‘gain of function’ research. This research took years to advance, was conducted in the USA and China and basically resulted in what we have come to know as ‘the SARS CoV 2 virus’ (and possibly many other infectious pathogens)

If you want a more detailed breakdown of the process that went into the creation of ‘COVID’, please listen to the material publicized by Dr. David Martin. Dr. Martin had been following the research (that resulted in ‘COVID’) since 1999. Here is one of the clearest interviews that uncovers much: ”A manufactured illusion: Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmilch”.

The next area of research I looked into actually took me fully by surprise. It was the fact that it appears
there are no viruses at all. The main research that uncovered this was done by Dr. Stefan Lanka and then was made public as well by Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan. You find further links at the end of this post.

I started to slowly realize that the whole area of medicinal viral research was possibly based on fraudulent or misinformed information. This, honestly, had never occurred to me before and it hit me like a boxer’s punch.

Well, it appears a fact that nobody, never ever, has seen a virus. Viruses are too small to be seen under a microscope. This means that viruses are therefore entirely conceptual entities. They have never been found or observed in real life with any visualizing techniques available to mankind. Stunning.

There is simply no proof of a virus, because we are lacking the technology for finding such small particles.

What we do instead is to hypothetically create a ‘virus’ by adding bits and pieces of genetic information. The result of these computer manufactured entities is then given a name by which the public then identifies the ‘virus’. So we have a hypothetical structure that we cannot see which then becomes the basis for commercial exploitation.

So, just to be clear, what we call the ‘COVID’ virus, is purely a computer generated model that is simply not found in nature. However, we are being told that there are vaccinations that will to some degree inhibit this ‘virus’. Simply does not make sense.

Once I understood this, I got side-tracked into reading a number of books written by:

– Dr. Thomas Cowan
– Dr. Gilbert Ling (deceased)
– Dr. Gerald Pollack
– Dr. Mae Wan Hoe (deceased)

– the links to those and more books are at the end of this writing.

Getting into those volumes of work had the effect that I realized that not just viruses but many other so-called ‘medical truths’ are nothing but theories (such as the viral origin of diseases) cemented into our awareness by medical repetition and the award of nobel prizes to individual researchers and doctors in order to keep up the status quo. The books I just linked will testify to this.

The next step in my COVID research took me to the testing procedure itself. This is the RT-PCR test that is used to affirm a positive COVID case. This was and still is used on a large scale. The RT-PCR test basically tests for an RNA sequence that is associated with ‘COVID’. It does not test for ‘COVID’ directly and should never be used to diagnose a disease. This was affirmed by the creator of the RT-PCR test Dr. Kari P. Mullis.

And, in fact, as there is no “COVID” (or any other virus by the look of it), it should be obvious that this test is useless and is bound to give fraudulent results.

And on and on it went. I read pages after pages and articles after articles on the subject and slowly came to realize that we were all subjected to a very large-scale mass hypnosis with the aim of controlling and manipulating human beings into something that can be easily handled by a few super-rich individuals and then possibly also changed into something that might be genetically completely different.

Next up was to observe how this apparent lie was made public by the media utilizing hypnotizing and fear-inducing techniques.

This again took me by surprise. It was not the fact that there was some disinformation (I am used to that) but it was the extent to which disinformation was spooned out worldwide – by media, by politicians and various powerful medical institutions (like WHO or the NIH in the states) in a very well orchestrated plan of action.

I was honestly surprised when I saw people that I respected jump on the vaccination train, apparently without being bothered to research the truth. It was dumbfounding to learn how easy it is to mislead people.

I saw people put on their facemasks in spite of the fact that these masks do provably nothing beneficial but succeed at negatively changing the CO2 content of the blood (Dr. Judy Mikovitch). I saw people obeying ‘social distancing’, although, again, there is no reliable research that this does anything.

However, what was the most surprising to me was how the public responded to these obvious and provable untruths. When I saw a 500 m long line of people waiting to be ‘vaccinated’ in Helsinki, I honestly thought that I must be dreaming (as by that time there was plenty of research available that indicated clearly that there actually might not be virus to start off with…).

I was not dreaming and these people were lining up to receive a ‘treatment’ with a vaccination that was including unknown ingredients, utilized mRNA technology which had never been used before and that was declared free of accountability for possible injuries.

When honest researchers wanted to examine what was in these ‘vaccines’, there were told that these vaccines were a trade secret and that the knowledge of what is in them would be released in 75 years! Unbelievable! As accountability for possible damages was removed, the road was obviously paved to give medical companies a free hand to sell their hardly tested products.

Then, when the official VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) system started to release data that showed that a great number of people died shortly after an injection (28859 deaths to date) and that many more people were seriously damaged (238412 to date), in a weird logic it was suggested that the data was incorrect (if anybody died within a short period of the injection the blame was not on the injection but on the virus – which does not exist, mind you)

And lastly, research being done on ‘COVID’ vaccines reveals that there are a number of stange and possibly dangerous substances included in these vaccines, such as graphene oxide and strange nanoparticles that appear to be self-organizing once injected.

What the purpose of graphene oxide and these nano-compounds are in the long run, is as yet unclear (but research is ongoing). What is clear, however, is that none of these compounds should ever be in a human body (unless you want to permanently cg´hange the human genome).

And lastly to mention here, a number of prominent doctors stepped forward to counteract the *virus’ and promote medication such as the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin. The most prominent of those doctors were Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, as well as many other doctors. As to the benefit of medication as a treatment for something that does not really exist, I am unclear to say the least. My best guess is that it treats something else.

So, I will stop here before this blog gets too long and trust you to look at some the linked research that I found valuable over the period of the last 2+ years. Once you get into it, there is plenty more to be found in the net.

Update: Reading the news today I am made aware of a new monkey virus. More of the same deception?

Part 4:

So, finally, I had to look what to actually do about all of this.

For me, I always use two ways to approach any subject that I come across and that has the potential to influence my life.

1.) What I can do about it in the outside world were I am living and where I relate to other people?

2.) What is happening in my inner world when dealing with the situations that appear in my life?

As far as I am concerned, there is really only one thing I can do. And that is to find out what is the truth of the situation. (What I mean by that is that unless I know the truth of a situation I cannot accurately judge the situation – my usual response is that I wait until I am clear what to do and once I know, I do what I think is the right thing)

So, what really IS happening and why?

The answer (to me) is rather short, actually. It is happening because in the evolution of life on earth (and maybe beyond earth), whatever is happening in the outside world and in my inner life is necessary. (Because if it would not be necessary, it would not happen – simple).

That realization already stops the inner fight – the inner rebellion against what is actually happening.

Because to me, if something is happening, it is meant to happen in the evolution of life.

So to me the question is not one of right or wrong but of what is actually happening?

The next question then is why is it happening? And then what am I going to do about it.

Answering those questions I find quite simple, really.

So, to answer question one – I am living on this planet here and participate in its evolutionary process. The facts of this whole ‘COVID’ agenda obviously points to a large scale deception by a few individuals. Realizing this I will never ever participate in any effort to get a highly questionable vaccine into my body.

As to question two, why is it happening – To me it is happening because in the evolutionary development of human life on earth, we have come to a point were there is a possibility for many, many people to wake up and realize a much, much deeper truth of life – a truth of love, freedom and spirit. And to me there is actually no question if this development will happen – it is more of a question when will it happen.

As to question three, what am I doing about it. Well, I will keep learning and educating myself. I will keep gathering information and keep all my senses open so I stay sharp and avoid any effort to be hypnotized into action that I regard as wrong. It is a s simple as that.

In my perception I see many people waking up. I see more and more people opening up to true knowledge and a love for our planet, for life and for each other.

In love



Dr. David Martin intervied by Reiner Fuellmilch

There are many interviews with Dr. Martin, this is one of the best.

Dr. Stefan Lanka – Wissenschaft plus magazine

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

I came across Dr. Kaufman already in the beginning of 2020. Dr. Kaufman has one of the best websites, many free as well as payable videos that expose the fraud that ‘COVID’ really is.

Dr. Thomas Cowan